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BJP, Shiv Sena abducted from Congress, National Congress party before state elections

BJP, Shiv Sena abducted from Congress, National Congress party before state elections

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court of Bombay upheld the constitutional power of the Maharashtra government’s bill on Thursday, which provides a separate section of government jobs and educational institutions for the Marathas under a new category: “Social and economic form Backward than that. ”

With the approval of the reservation, which is more than 50 percent of the Supreme Court’s sealing, Maharashtra is expected to have a far-reaching effect for class politics.

State elections are scheduled for October, and about one-third of the Marathas are for voters.

Although the Supreme Court ordered the state to reduce the proposed 16 percent in education to 12 percent in education and 13 percent in government appointments – which can be stopped in the Supreme Court, where the petitioners tried to appeal to the ruling party leaders.

Announcing his decision, the Indian public governor-Shivsena brings them in a pleasant mood and gives a “success”.

Through its trademark smile, Prime Minister Deendara Vandish informed the Legislative Assembly – in which the seasonal was held – the decision of the decision.

Vandavis assembled the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji, a 17th century warrior king at Vidhan Bhavan in the beginning of state-level ceremonies. There is also a plan to challenge the Supreme Court to restore the 16 per cent quota proposal.

The National Congress Party and the National Congress Party, the main opposition parties had no choice but to welcome the decision. After all, the controversial part of their brain yield was born just five years ago.

It was the Congress government – the National Congress Party – which agreed to seize 16 percent for the first time politically effective Martha and 5 percent of Muslims in July 2014. After the election of Locke in April, both oiled oils were decided in haste after facing heavy shields. May 2014.

It was time-bound with the assembly elections in October of that year. The UPA allies lost the election, though their decree later did not face legal scrutiny.

Booking of Martha was first put in front of the 1980s. In 1992, the Martha Federation presented representation of state government to provide reservations to society.

The NCP was the first party to promise reservation to society in its 2009 election statement. He may remember that Martha was incited by the NCP and Congress leaders for years.

“Because of unpopular policies and disobedience, the NCP has lost the game for its rivals,” said Virender Baour, president of the Gross Maratha Samgog Group, a major group which has been in Kota since 1990.

Nawab Malik, a spokesperson of the National Congress Party (NCP) said: “A major issue for its rivals.” Demand for quota has been going on for the last 25 years. Our goal was not to gain electoral gains. ‘

Congress spokesman Sachin Sawant said, “It is good that the BJP has promised us,” but their hypocrisy is clear because they claim to have faith in all along, Sibka’s development, Sibka, but they take the custody of Muslims Do not deny. ‘

AIMIM Bath, AIMIM legislator claims that Congress – NCP and Sina – BJP are two faces of a coin. “We welcome the part of Maratha, but we condemn the position of the government on the Islamic quota.

” The Sachar Committee unveiled our social and economic backwardness and the Bombay Supreme Court also approved a part of the community in education, the Congress is merely a community to get exploration benefits. They gave a decree instead of a decree, Muslims would have got reservation today too. ”

Fadnavis calculated the steps

Since the BJP came to power in October 2014 and chose Brahmin-Devendra Vadnavis to lead the state, the party has focused on the Marathas, which make up one-third of the state’s population and the Congress and NCP’s support on a large scale We do.

A senior BJP leader said, “From the days of Gopinath Mundi and Pramod Mahajan, the communities of Mali, Dangar and Vanjari have gathered behind the BJP.”

To encircle the matter and to accept it as its claim, within a few weeks of Vandavis assuming the charge, a committee under the chairmanship of Minister Vinod Todd constituted a committee which collects evidence of educational and social demarcation of the Marathas.

By December 2014, Waddewes had issued the reservation legally to the community and removed the request of the Islamic Quota, although the Supreme Court in Bombay had ruled in favor of it. The law did not stand to examine the court for the same reason.

What is the way to reach India’s semi-finals – World Cup cricket

What is the way to reach India's semi-finals - World Cup cricket

Bangladesh’s victory over Afghanistan in the current cricket match at the World Cup in England and Pakistan’s victory over South Africa made the equation very interesting.

Based on the result, the top four teams will qualify for the semi-finals. In this competition 10 teams participate. All teams must play nine or nine games.

New Zealand lead 11 points ahead of Tuesday’s game between England and Australia.

Like India, India did not lose a single game, but India played a game less than New Zealand.

There are four teams at this time – New Zealand, Australia, India and England. The results of the last two games are thought to have made the equation very interesting.

South Africa and Afghanistan went out of the semi-final. The Afghan team has played seven games so far and lost 7 out of seven matches. While South Africa won only one of seven matches.

New Zealand go to the semi-finals

At this stage, New Zealand is almost certain to reach the semi-finals at the points table. She has 11 points in six games. His three games are still pending.

These are – against Pakistan, Australia and England. Winning the game will ensure reaching the semi-finals.

Even if New Zealand lose all three games, they can still reach the semi-finals.

But in this case, it depends on the performance of teams from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

India is also a strong competitor

India has won four out of five matches. India should play games from the West Indies, England, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Two out of four matches are unlikely to be difficult for India, especially as the team is playing like this now.

But if he wins only one match and loses the rest, the situation may be a bit miserable.

India may then have to rely on the performance of other teams.

In this case, England won only one of their three matches and Sri Lanka won their matches. India could also make a place in the semi-finals by winning a match.

 Method of Australia

Australia beat England on Tuesday and won six out of seven matches to become 12

Now it has to match New Zealand and South Africa. If both matches are lost, the semi-finals are still to be reached.

No England claims

He is eight points from six games in England. On Tuesday, he lost to Australia. Now you must match India and New Zealand.

If England lose both of these matches they can exit the semi-final.

If he wins one of these matches, even if he does not convince him to reach the semi-finals.

Bangladesh in the race

Bangladesh now has seven points and has to play with India and Pakistan.

If Bangladesh win in both games, it will reach 11 points and reach the semi-finals. If Sri Lanka lose all its matches, England will not win more than one game.

What will happen to Sri Lanka

There are six points in six games in Sri Lanka. Now he has to play against South Africa, the West Indies and India. These matches will not be easy.

If the Sri Lankan team wins all three games, it will be 12 points.

If he has only 10 points, he will have to wait for England, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Forecasts of the West Indies

The West Indies have only three points in the account and have yet to play games from India, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

Despite winning the three games, he will have to rely on the results of the matches of many countries.

The equation of the West Indies is very difficult.

Pakistan’s dream will come true

Pakistan’s hope for this World Cup is not yet over. He has five points and has three games and play.

Now they have to play with New Zealand, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

If the Pakistani team wins all the matches, it will be 11 points.

At the same time, England was also expected to win more than one game.

At the same time, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka lost less than one match each.

This is the performance of the Indian team in their match against South Africa in Southampton, against Afghanistan. In terms of statistics, this is the lowest score in the first roles of India in a game that has exceeded 50 years since 2010.

The performance came at a time when India has not lost any matches in the World Cup so far and Afghanistan has not won any matches so far. Indian racers scored 352 in the face of strong bowling in Australia and scored 336 against Pakistan. He also faced the confidence of South African archers.

There is a difference between the earth and the sky in the ranking and the status of India and Afghanistan.

Mohammed Shami: Stardom, litigation and return

Mohammed Shami Stardom, litigation and return

One of the most important matches for the Cricket World Cup for one day in 2015 was the Holly match.

The place was the Australian city of Perth and the world champion of the time, and India was about to face the West Indies.

Two teams arrived at the Namkin Waka Stadium in Perth to play at different times.

Those who landed before the Tim India bus were Suresh Raina, Shekhar Duan and Ravendra Jadia, all of whom had a belt in their hands.

In the end, Mohammed Shami was the one who carried a white klezar and an expression on his forehead, smiled at the net and participated in the bowling game.

The final match for India was from the United Arab Emirates, which could not play the role of Shami and this time it was too early to prove itself.

Donny was hitting the net. Shami ran and put Donnie in the Eurocourt and went straight to the bottom of Donnie’s board. Ravi Shastry, standing behind him, shaking his head and appreciating the ball.

Before the end of the net, Mohamed Shami spoke with me, “Holly Day.

Come to prove yourself

Shami had a reason to ask questions. Prior to the 2014 World Cup, Shami received 10 texts in the ODI series against the West Indies in 2014 and was also chosen for the Sri Lanka series afterwards. But suddenly, Kolkarni’s team was included in the team because Shami had his thumb.

Baharal, March 6, 2014, in a match played in Waka, India West Indies has placed only 182 in 44 amounts. While the four-seeded, the Indian men completed the goal in the 40’s.

Mohammed Shami, who was the man of the match, who hit two rounds in eight times and three shocks. Smith included, Chris Gale and captain Darren Sammy.

In the first game of the World Cup, Shami did something similar against Pakistan. In the match in Adelaide, Sir Don Bradman was among the four Pakistani officers who returned the wing to Shami, Yunus Khan, Mesbah al-Haq, Shahid Afridi and Wahab Riyadh.

In that tournament, Shami had just come down to prove himself.

As in the World Cup in England, was found in 2019 when Shami did not reach his place in eleven games in the first four games in India.

But in the match against Afghanistan, he managed to achieve a hat-trick at the end of the game, not only came out of the mouth of defeat, but also succeeded in providing credibility.

According to the former editor of AAP Kuldeep Lal, “The World Cup for India started this final and the score will increase.”

Earlier, at the World Cup, these two haters by Chetan Sharma and Shitan Sharma had congratulated him on Shami’s achievement.


Mohammed Shami, who lives in the western state of Uttar Pradesh, has been playing cricket in Amaruha fields since his early childhood, like his brothers.

He started cricket with a cement playground between his village, his farm in Alinagar Sahaspur.

The father of the farmer Toseif Ahmed himself was a cricket lover and knew the skills of the children.

He had insisted that Shami would play cricket at Badruddin Academy in Muradabad.

Since then, Mohammed Shami has looked back and saw only when his father and brother were standing at the station shouting Shami goodbye to Kolkata.

When Shami could not choose the smaller cricket team in Uttar Pradesh, coach Badreddine planned to play him by sending him to Kolkata.

After playing cricket at Dalhousie and Town Club for years, Shami has a place in the Bengal team under the age of 22.

“If the Indian choirs told me yesterday morning, the networks would also be successful if you allowed them,” he told a close friend of the family on condition of anonymity.

In fact, Shami did not realize that his time was about to change.

After playing in 2010, Ranji was selected for Team India in 2013.

“In the gardens of Aden in Kolkata, Surav Janguli got a chance to learn and learn a lot, and the first round of IPL, and the national and international tennis players got the chance to fast fast, he was going,” Shami said.

In the meantime, Shami started recording scripts because he came on the first day and then the test team. Shami was at the height of the test-fixtures in Australia at the 2015 World Cup.

However, after India’s defeat in the semi-finals of the World Cup, it has revealed the fact that there are some injuries in their leg. Those who have covered the team have also realized this.

India and Australia were hosts in the semi-finals in Sydney. A day ago, during the net in the SCG, Mohammed Shami threw nearly ten balls.

At the time, the Indian team’s bowling coach arrived at India Arun and there was a five-minute talk. Shami then reduced his strength in the net and did not participate in field training after bowling.

The cricket reporter at The Week Magazine Niru Bhatia was present at the World Cup.

I talked to them during the discussions about Shami and Aaron.

Niru Bhatia said, “Shami’s injury last year was not entirely treatable because the World Cup had come.

Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill The rules of the road will be a big change

Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill The rules of the road will be a big change

The Cabinet Committee of the Central Government has approved the draft of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill. Now the government will pass it in Parliament.

Although this bill has already been passed in the Lok Sabha, but this time it is expected that the government will be able to pass this bill.

It is being said that this bill has been fined up to ten times on the violation of the traffic rules and the jail sentence has been made.

In the last decade, about 12 lakh people have lost their lives in road accidents, and ten times more people are seriously injured and permanently disabled.

The major reasons for this are that they are involved in behavior, engineering and police behavior on the road. In this regard, the need for a new law was being felt for a long time.

The work that began after the former Union Minister Gopinath Munde’s death in the road accident in 2014, is expected to be completed soon.

If there is an accident due to bad roads, then there is no accountability for road engineers currently making it. But in this amendment they are being brought under the purview of the law and a huge fine is imposed on them.

Not enough money is being taken as a penalty for violation of traffic rules. This statute was created for the first time in 1988 and the amount of penalties for several violations at the same time is still applicable today. Now it is being extended too.

For the first things that were not fined, for example, do not give way to the corner side or ambulance, now the penalty has been made for them.

After drinking alcohol, a fine of two to three thousand rupees is imposed on the vehicle. Now, for the first time drinking liquor, the penalty amount is increased to ten thousand rupees. For the second time drinking liquor and a provision of jail for 15 thousand rupees and jail provision.

Why not passed this bill in the last term

There are many provisions in addition to road safety in this law. Some improvements are being made in public transport. Many states felt that tampering in public transport would have a bad effect on their revenue. Therefore, this bill was opposed by several State Governments.

There were several strikes at the national level. This made the bill stuck and road safety got a lot of damage. Only eight lakh people have died in these five years.

Now it seems that the central government has persuaded the state governments and they have been assured that they will not lose their revenue and every decision related to the state transport will be done by talking to them.

The water crisis in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu is going deeper. The sources of water are dry and monsoon is not visible right now.

The crisis of water has become so acute that news of clashes started with water from many areas of Chennai city. In some areas, people are going to take water for seven to eight kilometers.

Things are getting so bad that the work of the city’s restaurants and IT companies is also affecting. Restaurants in Chennai are affected by the water crisis of upto 65%.

The Association of Hotel Owners Association says that the water has become so expensive that it affects the business of the hotel. This water crisis is not confined to Chennai alone.

A few days back, a social activist named Anand Babu was killed in a dispute involving taking a limited amount of water from the public tank in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu.

The Indian Medical Association has convened a strike of doctors across the country today. All medical services, except emergency services, will be affected during this period. At the same time, Delhi-based All India Ayurvedic Science, which means AIIMS, has separated itself from this strike.

The doctors of government hospitals in West Bengal are on strike after the assault of the family of the patient by a junior resident doctor in Kolkata. The IMA has called for the strike to raise the demand for better security for their support and staff engaged in medical services.

Doctors want to create a new central law for their safety. The Indian government also promised to bring such a law. On the other hand, doctors meeting in Kolkata and the West Bengal Government have to meet at three o’clock this afternoon.

Senior Congress leader Veerappa Moily has said that there is a need for major surgery within Congress. Moily also said that Rahul Gandhi should keep that entire party under his control. Moily believes that Rahul Gandhi is the only leader who can pull Congress out of the crisis.

This senior Congress leader said that there is a need to decide the accountability of the Congress chiefs of the state.

To prove Rahul Gandhi, the full time should be met. Elections in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana are going to be held and it needs to be started right now. ”

Moily said that this time is not about heading for the new chief of Congress. He said that Congress chiefs need to change in the state. Moily said that we need to give tickets to good candidates in the elections.

Why do not Saudi Arabia fear anyone

Why do not Saudi Arabia fear anyone

According to a UN report, the death of a journalist in the Washington Post Jamal Khashoggi was at the hands of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his family.

The United Nations has asked the United States to investigate the case by the US investigation agency FBI, which was rejected by Trump. America is aggressive about democracy and human rights in many countries, including Iran, but when it comes to Saudi Arabia, it is silent.

Does Saudi Arabia not fear anyone? Who is afraid of Saudi Arabia?

America knows the answers to these two questions. Two years ago, Saudi Arabia closed Qatar and cut all diplomatic ties, then the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, the Maldives, Mauritania, the Comoros and the exiled government in Yemen and Libya were standing with Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia was accused of supporting terrorist activities. Saudi Arabia has banned its airspace on Qatar’s planes. Qatar has been isolated from all neighboring countries and continues to this day.

He has made himself the ninth leader in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is trying to work on all the Sunni Muslim countries, especially the Gulf states affiliated with it.

If Qatar does not listen, the blockade will continue until today. This Saudi effort is not just for Qatar, but the real goal is Iran. Saudi Arabia believes that Iran is its main competitor.

Saudi Arabia is trying to become a leader in the Middle East, but it is also counterproductive at every step. Despite the siege imposed on Saudi Arabia, he did not bow down and did not cause any major damage. Although this does not mean that Saudi Arabia has weakened on these things but has in many cases been strengthened.

Saudi wealth is not new to oil and natural gas.

The third largest country spending on defense

Saudi Arabia has prepared a large army of wealth. According to Stockholm International Peace Research, Saudi Arabia spent $ 70 billion on defense in 2017. This amount is 10 percent of Saudi gross domestic product.

With this spending, Saudi Arabia has become the third largest country to spend on defense. Saudi Arabia is also effective in OPEC and GCC as well. Besides, America is also the most powerful nation in the world.

In an interview with NBC, US President Donald Trump told reporters that the deal with Saudi Arabia was more important than democracy and human rights.

Trump’s slogan shows how he wants to make the United States great again. Trump has clearly said that Hamad’s deal with Saudi Arabia is more important than the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

The Saudis also followed the methods he used to show his strength by paying money to friends, Muslim leaders and media houses.

Now the image of Crown Prince Salman is that he spends a lot of money to punish his critics and enemies.

Diplomacy in MBBS is said to be more complex than it is now. Yemen has become a battleground where Saudi Arabia is fighting against the false war in Iran.

Critics also point out that US President Donald Trump wants to leave behind a scandal behind the US human rights scandal and does not want to let it strain relations with Saudi Arabia. However, it is also said that a parody of American human rights has already been launched.

Why do you forgive all Saudi sin

The accounts of the dictatorships of the world and their corrupt leaders retained the International Tribunals Committee or the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, but there was no exception for Saudi Arabia. In 1938, when a huge reservoir of oil was found in Saudi Arabia, the royal family here enjoyed tremendous power.

This is the power by which the global economy can stabilize or cause turmoil. Under the guise of this power, the entire West, even the United Nations, including the United States, tolerates all the stubbornness of the Saudis.

Not only did the Saudis retain human rights in his home, they also suspected financial assistance to radical Islamic groups, the Taliban, the Nasserist Front and Syria, which was actively involved in al Qaeda.

In return, Saudi Arabia has made many concessions to the United States. Saudi Arabia allowed US Air Force fighters to fly in the most important regions of the world and provided a lucrative market for US military equipment.

In conjunction with Iran, the United States provided Saudi support freely. In such a case, there is no secret to diplomats why the US is silent about insulting Canada.

“There has been no role in human rights and values ​​in US-Saudi relations since the beginning,” said Chase Freeman, US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Newsweek.

The foundation of US-Saudi relations was laid at Valentine’s Day in 1945. On the same day, US President Franklin Roosevelt and Saudi Arabia’s founder, King Abdulaziz bin Saud, met with the US Navy at the Suez Canal.

At this meeting King Abdul Aziz agreed to give Saudi oil cheaply to the United States. In return, Roosevelt pledged to save the king from external enemies.

The day of Valentine’s Day flourished between the two countries, this love fought six Israeli-Arab wars.