BJP, Shiv Sena abducted from Congress, National Congress party before state elections

    BJP, Shiv Sena abducted from Congress, National Congress party before state elections

    In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court of Bombay upheld the constitutional power of the Maharashtra government’s bill on Thursday, which provides a separate section of government jobs and educational institutions for the Marathas under a new category: “Social and economic form Backward than that. ”

    With the approval of the reservation, which is more than 50 percent of the Supreme Court’s sealing, Maharashtra is expected to have a far-reaching effect for class politics.

    State elections are scheduled for October, and about one-third of the Marathas are for voters.

    Although the Supreme Court ordered the state to reduce the proposed 16 percent in education to 12 percent in education and 13 percent in government appointments – which can be stopped in the Supreme Court, where the petitioners tried to appeal to the ruling party leaders.

    Announcing his decision, the Indian public governor-Shivsena brings them in a pleasant mood and gives a “success”.

    Through its trademark smile, Prime Minister Deendara Vandish informed the Legislative Assembly – in which the seasonal was held – the decision of the decision.

    Vandavis assembled the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji, a 17th century warrior king at Vidhan Bhavan in the beginning of state-level ceremonies. There is also a plan to challenge the Supreme Court to restore the 16 per cent quota proposal.

    The National Congress Party and the National Congress Party, the main opposition parties had no choice but to welcome the decision. After all, the controversial part of their brain yield was born just five years ago.

    It was the Congress government – the National Congress Party – which agreed to seize 16 percent for the first time politically effective Martha and 5 percent of Muslims in July 2014. After the election of Locke in April, both oiled oils were decided in haste after facing heavy shields. May 2014.

    It was time-bound with the assembly elections in October of that year. The UPA allies lost the election, though their decree later did not face legal scrutiny.

    Booking of Martha was first put in front of the 1980s. In 1992, the Martha Federation presented representation of state government to provide reservations to society.

    The NCP was the first party to promise reservation to society in its 2009 election statement. He may remember that Martha was incited by the NCP and Congress leaders for years.

    “Because of unpopular policies and disobedience, the NCP has lost the game for its rivals,” said Virender Baour, president of the Gross Maratha Samgog Group, a major group which has been in Kota since 1990.

    Nawab Malik, a spokesperson of the National Congress Party (NCP) said: “A major issue for its rivals.” Demand for quota has been going on for the last 25 years. Our goal was not to gain electoral gains. ‘

    Congress spokesman Sachin Sawant said, “It is good that the BJP has promised us,” but their hypocrisy is clear because they claim to have faith in all along, Sibka’s development, Sibka, but they take the custody of Muslims Do not deny. ‘

    AIMIM Bath, AIMIM legislator claims that Congress – NCP and Sina – BJP are two faces of a coin. “We welcome the part of Maratha, but we condemn the position of the government on the Islamic quota.

    ” The Sachar Committee unveiled our social and economic backwardness and the Bombay Supreme Court also approved a part of the community in education, the Congress is merely a community to get exploration benefits. They gave a decree instead of a decree, Muslims would have got reservation today too. ”

    Fadnavis calculated the steps

    Since the BJP came to power in October 2014 and chose Brahmin-Devendra Vadnavis to lead the state, the party has focused on the Marathas, which make up one-third of the state’s population and the Congress and NCP’s support on a large scale We do.

    A senior BJP leader said, “From the days of Gopinath Mundi and Pramod Mahajan, the communities of Mali, Dangar and Vanjari have gathered behind the BJP.”

    To encircle the matter and to accept it as its claim, within a few weeks of Vandavis assuming the charge, a committee under the chairmanship of Minister Vinod Todd constituted a committee which collects evidence of educational and social demarcation of the Marathas.

    By December 2014, Waddewes had issued the reservation legally to the community and removed the request of the Islamic Quota, although the Supreme Court in Bombay had ruled in favor of it. The law did not stand to examine the court for the same reason.


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