Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill The rules of the road will be a big change

Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill The rules of the road will be a big change

The Cabinet Committee of the Central Government has approved the draft of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill. Now the government will pass it in Parliament.

Although this bill has already been passed in the Lok Sabha, but this time it is expected that the government will be able to pass this bill.

It is being said that this bill has been fined up to ten times on the violation of the traffic rules and the jail sentence has been made.

In the last decade, about 12 lakh people have lost their lives in road accidents, and ten times more people are seriously injured and permanently disabled.

The major reasons for this are that they are involved in behavior, engineering and police behavior on the road. In this regard, the need for a new law was being felt for a long time.

The work that began after the former Union Minister Gopinath Munde’s death in the road accident in 2014, is expected to be completed soon.

If there is an accident due to bad roads, then there is no accountability for road engineers currently making it. But in this amendment they are being brought under the purview of the law and a huge fine is imposed on them.

Not enough money is being taken as a penalty for violation of traffic rules. This statute was created for the first time in 1988 and the amount of penalties for several violations at the same time is still applicable today. Now it is being extended too.

For the first things that were not fined, for example, do not give way to the corner side or ambulance, now the penalty has been made for them.

After drinking alcohol, a fine of two to three thousand rupees is imposed on the vehicle. Now, for the first time drinking liquor, the penalty amount is increased to ten thousand rupees. For the second time drinking liquor and a provision of jail for 15 thousand rupees and jail provision.

Why not passed this bill in the last term

There are many provisions in addition to road safety in this law. Some improvements are being made in public transport. Many states felt that tampering in public transport would have a bad effect on their revenue. Therefore, this bill was opposed by several State Governments.

There were several strikes at the national level. This made the bill stuck and road safety got a lot of damage. Only eight lakh people have died in these five years.

Now it seems that the central government has persuaded the state governments and they have been assured that they will not lose their revenue and every decision related to the state transport will be done by talking to them.

The water crisis in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu is going deeper. The sources of water are dry and monsoon is not visible right now.

The crisis of water has become so acute that news of clashes started with water from many areas of Chennai city. In some areas, people are going to take water for seven to eight kilometers.

Things are getting so bad that the work of the city’s restaurants and IT companies is also affecting. Restaurants in Chennai are affected by the water crisis of upto 65%.

The Association of Hotel Owners Association says that the water has become so expensive that it affects the business of the hotel. This water crisis is not confined to Chennai alone.

A few days back, a social activist named Anand Babu was killed in a dispute involving taking a limited amount of water from the public tank in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu.

The Indian Medical Association has convened a strike of doctors across the country today. All medical services, except emergency services, will be affected during this period. At the same time, Delhi-based All India Ayurvedic Science, which means AIIMS, has separated itself from this strike.

The doctors of government hospitals in West Bengal are on strike after the assault of the family of the patient by a junior resident doctor in Kolkata. The IMA has called for the strike to raise the demand for better security for their support and staff engaged in medical services.

Doctors want to create a new central law for their safety. The Indian government also promised to bring such a law. On the other hand, doctors meeting in Kolkata and the West Bengal Government have to meet at three o’clock this afternoon.

Senior Congress leader Veerappa Moily has said that there is a need for major surgery within Congress. Moily also said that Rahul Gandhi should keep that entire party under his control. Moily believes that Rahul Gandhi is the only leader who can pull Congress out of the crisis.

This senior Congress leader said that there is a need to decide the accountability of the Congress chiefs of the state.

To prove Rahul Gandhi, the full time should be met. Elections in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana are going to be held and it needs to be started right now. ”

Moily said that this time is not about heading for the new chief of Congress. He said that Congress chiefs need to change in the state. Moily said that we need to give tickets to good candidates in the elections.


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