What is the way to reach India’s semi-finals – World Cup cricket

What is the way to reach India's semi-finals - World Cup cricket

Bangladesh’s victory over Afghanistan in the current cricket match at the World Cup in England and Pakistan’s victory over South Africa made the equation very interesting.

Based on the result, the top four teams will qualify for the semi-finals. In this competition 10 teams participate. All teams must play nine or nine games.

New Zealand lead 11 points ahead of Tuesday’s game between England and Australia.

Like India, India did not lose a single game, but India played a game less than New Zealand.

There are four teams at this time – New Zealand, Australia, India and England. The results of the last two games are thought to have made the equation very interesting.

South Africa and Afghanistan went out of the semi-final. The Afghan team has played seven games so far and lost 7 out of seven matches. While South Africa won only one of seven matches.

New Zealand go to the semi-finals

At this stage, New Zealand is almost certain to reach the semi-finals at the points table. She has 11 points in six games. His three games are still pending.

These are – against Pakistan, Australia and England. Winning the game will ensure reaching the semi-finals.

Even if New Zealand lose all three games, they can still reach the semi-finals.

But in this case, it depends on the performance of teams from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

India is also a strong competitor

India has won four out of five matches. India should play games from the West Indies, England, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Two out of four matches are unlikely to be difficult for India, especially as the team is playing like this now.

But if he wins only one match and loses the rest, the situation may be a bit miserable.

India may then have to rely on the performance of other teams.

In this case, England won only one of their three matches and Sri Lanka won their matches. India could also make a place in the semi-finals by winning a match.

 Method of Australia

Australia beat England on Tuesday and won six out of seven matches to become 12

Now it has to match New Zealand and South Africa. If both matches are lost, the semi-finals are still to be reached.

No England claims

He is eight points from six games in England. On Tuesday, he lost to Australia. Now you must match India and New Zealand.

If England lose both of these matches they can exit the semi-final.

If he wins one of these matches, even if he does not convince him to reach the semi-finals.

Bangladesh in the race

Bangladesh now has seven points and has to play with India and Pakistan.

If Bangladesh win in both games, it will reach 11 points and reach the semi-finals. If Sri Lanka lose all its matches, England will not win more than one game.

What will happen to Sri Lanka

There are six points in six games in Sri Lanka. Now he has to play against South Africa, the West Indies and India. These matches will not be easy.

If the Sri Lankan team wins all three games, it will be 12 points.

If he has only 10 points, he will have to wait for England, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Forecasts of the West Indies

The West Indies have only three points in the account and have yet to play games from India, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

Despite winning the three games, he will have to rely on the results of the matches of many countries.

The equation of the West Indies is very difficult.

Pakistan’s dream will come true

Pakistan’s hope for this World Cup is not yet over. He has five points and has three games and play.

Now they have to play with New Zealand, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

If the Pakistani team wins all the matches, it will be 11 points.

At the same time, England was also expected to win more than one game.

At the same time, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka lost less than one match each.

This is the performance of the Indian team in their match against South Africa in Southampton, against Afghanistan. In terms of statistics, this is the lowest score in the first roles of India in a game that has exceeded 50 years since 2010.

The performance came at a time when India has not lost any matches in the World Cup so far and Afghanistan has not won any matches so far. Indian racers scored 352 in the face of strong bowling in Australia and scored 336 against Pakistan. He also faced the confidence of South African archers.

There is a difference between the earth and the sky in the ranking and the status of India and Afghanistan.


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