Why do not Saudi Arabia fear anyone

Why do not Saudi Arabia fear anyone

According to a UN report, the death of a journalist in the Washington Post Jamal Khashoggi was at the hands of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his family.

The United Nations has asked the United States to investigate the case by the US investigation agency FBI, which was rejected by Trump. America is aggressive about democracy and human rights in many countries, including Iran, but when it comes to Saudi Arabia, it is silent.

Does Saudi Arabia not fear anyone? Who is afraid of Saudi Arabia?

America knows the answers to these two questions. Two years ago, Saudi Arabia closed Qatar and cut all diplomatic ties, then the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, the Maldives, Mauritania, the Comoros and the exiled government in Yemen and Libya were standing with Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia was accused of supporting terrorist activities. Saudi Arabia has banned its airspace on Qatar’s planes. Qatar has been isolated from all neighboring countries and continues to this day.

He has made himself the ninth leader in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is trying to work on all the Sunni Muslim countries, especially the Gulf states affiliated with it.

If Qatar does not listen, the blockade will continue until today. This Saudi effort is not just for Qatar, but the real goal is Iran. Saudi Arabia believes that Iran is its main competitor.

Saudi Arabia is trying to become a leader in the Middle East, but it is also counterproductive at every step. Despite the siege imposed on Saudi Arabia, he did not bow down and did not cause any major damage. Although this does not mean that Saudi Arabia has weakened on these things but has in many cases been strengthened.

Saudi wealth is not new to oil and natural gas.

The third largest country spending on defense

Saudi Arabia has prepared a large army of wealth. According to Stockholm International Peace Research, Saudi Arabia spent $ 70 billion on defense in 2017. This amount is 10 percent of Saudi gross domestic product.

With this spending, Saudi Arabia has become the third largest country to spend on defense. Saudi Arabia is also effective in OPEC and GCC as well. Besides, America is also the most powerful nation in the world.

In an interview with NBC, US President Donald Trump told reporters that the deal with Saudi Arabia was more important than democracy and human rights.

Trump’s slogan shows how he wants to make the United States great again. Trump has clearly said that Hamad’s deal with Saudi Arabia is more important than the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

The Saudis also followed the methods he used to show his strength by paying money to friends, Muslim leaders and media houses.

Now the image of Crown Prince Salman is that he spends a lot of money to punish his critics and enemies.

Diplomacy in MBBS is said to be more complex than it is now. Yemen has become a battleground where Saudi Arabia is fighting against the false war in Iran.

Critics also point out that US President Donald Trump wants to leave behind a scandal behind the US human rights scandal and does not want to let it strain relations with Saudi Arabia. However, it is also said that a parody of American human rights has already been launched.

Why do you forgive all Saudi sin

The accounts of the dictatorships of the world and their corrupt leaders retained the International Tribunals Committee or the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, but there was no exception for Saudi Arabia. In 1938, when a huge reservoir of oil was found in Saudi Arabia, the royal family here enjoyed tremendous power.

This is the power by which the global economy can stabilize or cause turmoil. Under the guise of this power, the entire West, even the United Nations, including the United States, tolerates all the stubbornness of the Saudis.

Not only did the Saudis retain human rights in his home, they also suspected financial assistance to radical Islamic groups, the Taliban, the Nasserist Front and Syria, which was actively involved in al Qaeda.

In return, Saudi Arabia has made many concessions to the United States. Saudi Arabia allowed US Air Force fighters to fly in the most important regions of the world and provided a lucrative market for US military equipment.

In conjunction with Iran, the United States provided Saudi support freely. In such a case, there is no secret to diplomats why the US is silent about insulting Canada.

“There has been no role in human rights and values ​​in US-Saudi relations since the beginning,” said Chase Freeman, US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Newsweek.

The foundation of US-Saudi relations was laid at Valentine’s Day in 1945. On the same day, US President Franklin Roosevelt and Saudi Arabia’s founder, King Abdulaziz bin Saud, met with the US Navy at the Suez Canal.

At this meeting King Abdul Aziz agreed to give Saudi oil cheaply to the United States. In return, Roosevelt pledged to save the king from external enemies.

The day of Valentine’s Day flourished between the two countries, this love fought six Israeli-Arab wars.


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